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  • Dear "Bulgehound",
    Thank you for your kind compliment and reference to my earlier posting. The sanitary shorts were made of very thin material, akin to t-shirt material, and as you have correctly said, were worn to absorb perspiration and to reduce chafing.
    Many years ago, in the course of my career, I happened to have the great privilege to speak with one of the senior officers at Bike Athletic, and it was at a critical point in history as the use of jockstraps suddenly spiraled into oblivion. Until the 1980s, Bike was selling about 4 million jockstraps (both regular pouch and cup-jocks) annually. The gentleman at Bike explained that two unrelated events in society combined to create a disaster against jockstrap usage. He said that demographically, prior to the 1980s, the buying of a jockstrap was generally a rite of passage which began when the middle school would send home a list of required gear for gym class, and mothers would take the youngster to the local department store where a complete "kit" was presented. There was little embarrassment in that transaction because everything was bundled together. However, as sons grew through puberty, the buying of a jockstrap in increasingly adult sizes was relegated to a father on a Saturday morning. The gentleman at Bike explained that with the increase of divorce in the 1980s, there were more single-mother households, and in response, Bike offered the compression short as an alternative to the jockstrap because their research indicated that mothers were less squeamish about the design of the compression short. (It also segues into your precise comment about the under-current to minimize masculinity in society).
    The second factor was the sudden publicizing of pedophilia, including incidents in boys' locker rooms. Within a very short time, the large "gang showers" were replaced with individual curtained shower stalls, and coaches were forbidden from many previous forms of male-to-male activity, including the ominous "jockstrap checks". Coaches stopped talking about jockstraps in order to kowtow to the political correctness of the time, and since fewer boys were mandated to take public showers, indeed to even participate in gym classes, jockstrap sales continued to plummet.
    There were a series of negative articles written by journalists who had been emotionally scarred for life because of a few incidents involving jockstraps when they were in middle school, and these were well-placed at the same time that mothers were skittish against buying jockstraps and high schools were down-sizing physical education budgets.
    I have urged this website's followers as well as those on "allkink" that unless and until we are able to restore the sports medicine importance that every man engaged in strenuous activity, whether in sports or in construction or working in the garden, should wear an athletic supporter to minimize scrotal fatigue and damage, then the jockstrap will remain in a small, fetish category.
    To have dropped from millions of sales each year to merely tens of thousands of jockstraps in a world with about 3 billion active males is a travesty. I have often said that many of the current issues regarding erection disorder and infertility in this generation might be directly correlated to the absence of wearing a jockstrap.
    There is much work to be done by all of us to help with the physical safety and long-term well-being of the next generation.
    Thank you again for your kind words. I am wishing you the best of health and success.
    strapped wrangler
    strapped wrangler
    THREE OTHER REASONS JOCK SALES DIED PART 1 (I will write this in two parts because it is too long.)

    It's good to hear from you again Mike. It's been a while.

    I agree with the reasoning expressed by the guy at BIKE. But I think there are three equally significant events that the jockstrap industry was, and is, out-of-touch with. I have written at large about these in the past. This was my generation.

    1) HIPPIES
    The "fatherless" Hippie generation was rebelling against the "evil" male-run establishment whose values got us into the unjust Vietnam War. It was a rebellion of youth against the male-dominated "Establishment." Guys burnt their draft cards in public rallies. The American flag was pissed-on, or lit on fire. Girls burnt their bras in bon fires, in rebellion from "male enforced" "oppression" of sex and beauty demands.

    Young males wanted a clothing symbol that represented their imprisonment to "The Establishment". Jockstraps were the symbol. Jockstraps were not burnt, but they were rejected. The reigning power in high school, the guys on the school football teams, were seen as being trained in physical violence to prepare them to be drafted as soldiers. Athletes, "the bullies", were looked down upon for supporting the "violent" institution. They were called "Jocks" derogatorily. Jockstraps became the emblem of "oppressive" macho domination.

    Those of us athletes and outdoorsmen kept wearing jocks and lamented at the bad PR they were getting. And the bad press we were getting for being athletes, and outdoorsmen, by the pansey-ass new generation.

    Someone wrote a magazine article claiming that there was a scientific experiment proving that jockstraps trapped in heat that killed sperm and caused male infertility. This dishonest, sensational article skillfully manipulated the facts to create a false conclusion that sold magazines and rocked the world. (The truth is that those wearing jocks tripled their live sperm production of men who wore them day and night.)

    Thousands of magazine articles were written quoting this initial (dishonest) article. Fear sells like hotcakes. I researched the references in the pursuing articles, and absolutely nobody looked up the original scientific study, or else the whole myth would have died. They all quoted the fake article. This shows how "A lie spreads around the world while the truth is still putting on its running shoes."

    This information was all that the Hippies needed to tell their coaches, "You cannot force me to wear jockstraps and damage my testicles and future fertility. If I cannot have children, I will sue the school." The schools and coaches of America backed-down and made jockstraps optional, even though they knew better. The country was seized by a mania, a rampant paranoia. "We must liberate our balls and let them "HANG LOOSE" and be healthy! "Let your balls get some air". "HANG LOOSE" was a phrase you heard many times a day. It referred to everything about a "relaxed" lifestyle, including smoking marajuana. But it originated from not wearing jocks. This paranoia that lasted about 20 years.

    The military continued to enforce jock-wearing at boot camp for everyone, because they had the statistics. The guys who didn't wear jocks cost the military millions due to testicle injuries.
    strapped wrangler
    strapped wrangler

    When jockstraps were originally invented men wore their pants up to their belly buttons. Military jocks were made to be worn low on the hips with snug pouches. But many jocks, like BIKE, made the pouches very long, so that they could be worn high and still cup your balls up.

    In the 50's men and boys began wearing their pants lower on their hips like they do today. BIKE and some other jockstrap companies did not acknowledge the change in America's waistline.

    The result is that when they wore their jocks lower on their hips the excess pouch material gathered behind their balls and stopped giving needed support, especially when squatting. The athletes in my school complained about the "uselessness" of jockstraps. I wrote BIKE about this. They disregarded my observations. In fact BIKE advertised their jocks as being "comfortable and roomy". BIKE was giving in to the fear about jockstraps being "too tight" and "trapping heat". BIKE even made the pouch material so lightweight and stretchy that it was useless. They stopped that after about 6 months because that model got so many complaints from the athletes.

    During this time many forms of briefs were invented that snugged your balls up better than a jock. Bikinis were even popular and considered manly. Compression briefs came along later.

    BIKE could have created magazine ads that defended keeping your balls snug. They could have showed a natural guy in the outdoors, doing something friendly and keeping his balls healthy. A hiker; a farmer; a family man. There was plenty of good scientific information to support jockstrap wearing. There is even more now. They could have addressed the false information. I wrote them and told them. But they disregarded everything I said.

    They kept advertising jocks to "protect you from that unexpected blow to the privates", which very few men ever experienced. In reality many guys balls "calcify" and stop producing testosterone and sperm in younger men due to the many little unnoticed micro-abrasions of simply rubbing and bouncing around. It is healthier to keep your boys snug.

    BIKE killed themselves by not keeping up with the times, in the way that so many products and social institutions have gone-under unnecessarily.

    As a personal note, I spent yesterday evening with a group of friends in their home. I pinched my balls about 5 times just sitting down. Why? Because I was wearing a BIKE with a loose pouch that let my balls sag. And the stiff crotch of my jeans pinched my sagging balls as I sat down on a soft couch. I flinched and my body jerked. 😖 I hoped that no one noticed! 😮

    I still like traditional athletic supporters for the overall comfort, but it is not unusual for them to let my balls down. Jocks have a reputation for "keeping your boys snug", but the lose pouches don't work when you squat down for athletics or farm work.

    I have written the jock companies about this for years, and in the last few years some of the major manufacturers have improved the pouches so that they actually cup your balls "up", even when being worn low on the hips. If jocks make a come-back, this will be part of the reason.


    Mike's thoughts (above) actually go along with my observations. Mothers raising boys alone are not as likely to buy their sons jockstraps. And boys not having fathers are not going to get initiated into the ways of men. A feminized society is not going to see the value in boys showering naked and accepting each other's varying body types as all being equal. Masculinity, especially naked masculinity is suspect.

    How many times does the muscular, physically fit captain of the soccer team have the shortest cock in the shower room, and every man looks at him and sees a 100% macho stud to be envied. That's how it was.

    But shower rooms have been replaced by porn on electronic media where king sized cocks are the requirement. No one measures up. Too many young men today feel insecure; lonesome; unaffirmed; depressed; suicidal.

    Male initiatory institutions are gone. Girls are in Boy Scouts, football teams, boys summer camps. Society has failed us. The all-male street gangs are some of the few taking charge of bonding young men, not always for the best.

    Manhood is in crisis, and the death of jockstraps is only one of many symptoms.

    I'm glad I lived when I did. Wearing a jock was a sign of manhood. Every man wore jocks and were proud to do so any time any place. Wearing a jock upgraded your respect.

    If society today makes you feel weird for wearing a jock, something is wrong with society, not you. Don't buy it! Believe in yourself. Don't be afraid to be a rebel.
    I love wearing jockstraps, not just as everyday underwear, but the gym, relaxing at home and in bed. I also have several pairs in leather and neoprene, which are for special occasions 😈😊.
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