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The Show Us Your Jockstrap Contest #12 Winners are....


Staff member
First, I want to say Wow! I was blown away, not only by how many entries there were and how fucking hot they all were.

The contest is now over and the winners have been contacted through the Conversation (private message) system and they've been given their prizes ($50 gift certificates to use at Jockstrap Central: www.jockstrapcentral.com )

Before I mention the winners, here's how they were decided (it was all in the contest rules).

First and Second Winners: These were the top entries as voted by our members.
Third and Fourth Winners: These were both chosen randomly using a random number generator
Fifth Winner: This winner was chosen by myself and Adrian (Jockstrap Central) based on it's creativity, balance, composition, quality and of course sexiness. Honestly, you guys didn't make it easy for us.

So... here's are the winners:

First: @Farmer Dan
Second: @ChiJock268
Third: @Jockdude
Fourth: @Flversguy
Fifth: @whispergloom

Here's the photo from @whispergloom we chose for the Fifth prize based on the factors mentioned above:


As mentioned, it was a tough call. The following were also contenders:

From @Monty_Ross :


From @kuggets :


From @JockMan666 :


Thanks again guys! Keep your jocks and cameras on the ready, our next contest will be starting before you know it.




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Jockstrap Fan
So many great photos and so many sexy guys on this site!! The contests are fantastic ways to show off the beautiful men in their sexy jocks. @Jockstrapguy you made my dick twitch with the shoutout. And @Mick I have definitely rubbed one out to your photos so the feelings are mutual. Congrats to all the winners (really all of us).